Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Morning Glories

Here is a photo of the morning glories I started from seeds this year. Neighbors have been stopping by my house when they see us outside to ask me about them. There are hundreds every morning. It's an amazing site. There is nothing special I do to them. When they were young plants I did water them once a week with a seaweed fertilizer, but once summer hit I neglected them and they took off.

I've found that after the blossoms fall off each evening a pod forms, if left alone it will increase in size as the seeds develop and about a week later they can be harvested, set on the counter to dry where the pod will become like paper and the seeds can be extracted. The seeds will be large and white and in 24 hours will shrivel and turn brown. I keep the dried seeds in my fridge until I'm ready to start them in the spring (usually March in Texas) and plant after the last frost in April.

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