Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Laundry Detergent

**NOTE: Fels Naptha is another common bar laundry soap that is used to make a large batch of detergent. My local Walmart finally started carrying it, and I can honestly say don't bother. My first complaint regarding Fels Naptha is the perfume. The bar itself was overwhelming to me and triggered nausea, even after sitting several days on my kitchen counter. Once diluted into the batch of detergent, the fragrance died down, but apparently so did it's cleaning power. The loads of laundry I pull out of the dryer now still have lingering body odor. I have never had this problem with Zote which I have been using for 4 years now.  (Edited: 2/11/2011)


I thought I'd post my recipe for laundry soap. I can make it for less than $1 a batch and a batch will last me about a month if I do about one load of laundry a day.

Zote bar laundry soap (large bar)
Washing soda

First I grate the entire bar of zote into a large pot and add 6 cups of water. I heat over high heat until boiling, then reduce heat and cook over medium until soap has dissolved, this takes about 10-15 minutes. Do not leave the heat on high or else the soap will suds rapidly and boil over the pot and make a huge mess!!!

After the soap is dissolved, I add 1/2 cup washing soda and 1/2 cup Borax and cook until dissolved.

In a 5 gallon bucket I add 2 gallons of hot tap water then add soap mixture, cover and let set for 24 hours until gelled.

I use about 1 cup of soap for a large load. For stains I keep a bar of Zote handy and rub it directly into the stain then wash. I have found this homemade detergent is ever bit as good as Tide or All, and my husband works in the oil fields and his clothes become very nasty. I also recommend adding a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle to help cut down on lint and freshen the clothes. The vinegar smell does not linger once the clothes are dried.

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Moohn said...

Yay! I found where to buy washing soda so I'm going to start using your recipe! As much as I love my melaleuca detergent I'm hoping this can save me some money!! :D Thanks again for sharing!!