Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cold Hardiness

Tony and I are sitting around tonight watching Conan, listening to Irish punk (Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly), having fried rice for dinner (which I feel I have perfected my recipe and should post soon), and it occurred to me that I should figure out what the cold hardiness is for each of my plants seeing as we might have our first light frost this week. The predicted low Wednesday night is 31 for Red Oak and since we're a little higher altitude our temperatures sometimes run about 5 degrees cooler.

Here's the list:
Cauliflower: Cold/Frost Tolerant
Brussels Sprouts: Cold Hardy/Frost Tolerant
Kale: Cold Hardy
Romaine Lettuce: Cold Tolerant/Cold Hardy
Carrots: Cold Hardy/Frost Tolerant
Green Onions: Cold Tolerant/Cold Hardy
Garlic: Cold Tolerant
Spinach (seedlings): Cold Hardy
Swiss Chard: Cold/Frost Tolerant
Arugula: Cold Hardy
Tomatoes: Tender
Rosemary: Tolerant to approx. 30, although some leave out all winter in Zone 7 and it's fine
Sage: Hardy
Oregano: Varies
Basil (Sweet & Lemon): Tender
Mint: Hardy
Lavender: Varies/Hardy
Dill: Tender

Moss Rose: Tender
Red Bud: Hardy (experience)
Pecans: ...

It appears the only things I need to worry about are the tomatoes, basil and dill. Since it may only drop below freezing one night and probably only for a few hours, I can bring in the few that won't make it and everything else will be fine. Once the temperatures officially start dipping below freezing then I'll consider harvesting various herbs.

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