Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mother Earth News Article

I'm assuming that those of you who read my blog know about the blog post that editor Robyn Lawrence wrote about us living in a small home. Just in case not and you'd like to take a gander here's the link:

I obsess over Mother Earth News Magazine and replied to a query on Facebook asking people to respond if they live in a small home. Since we've moved from an 1800 sq foot home in the city, to a 900 sq ft home in the country and found that home was still too big for us and now we're building and finally living in the 640 sq ft home I thought I'd respond. I'm quite excited that I did.

And I want to say thanks to any of you who stop by. I'm truly honored that you've given a bit of your time to me.


Crystal said...

I love Mother Earth news; they're in my bookmarks bar. I'd get their magazine... But my mom already has a subscription.

I also love their sister site: Grit ( and this one blog about tiny houses (I love tiny houses....)(

Diana said...

I noticed most of their articles end up on the website anyway if you're just patient, although I can't help myself and if I'm at the feed store and they have a new issue in I pick it up.

I've also noticed they have Hobby Farms and Hobby Farms Home that I love reading. I think they also have Natural Homes which I follow on Facebook but I've never seen on the newsstands.

I love that That's a site I've been visiting for years dreaming about this house and trying to decide exactly how big or small it should be. Once we're done with this house we do plan on building a second home several years down the road that will be just a smidge bigger only because we may add a second bedroom that will be an office/guest room/misc room. Then this house will become a guest house since the nearest hotel is an hour away. Maybe one day we'll have our own commune... hehe.

Anonymous said...

hey, just saw the post on motherEarthNews so I thought I would pop sounded very familiar to me since we moved into a massive 660 sq/ft home from a 2000 sq/ft home..We started with a camp and have been doing the work ever since. I will be reading your blog now that I found it! good luck!

Diana said...

Thanks, eagergridlessbeaver! (Love the name!)

I'd love to hear how you've done stuff.