Sunday, July 24, 2011

July's Activites

It has been so incredibly hot this month that we haven't done a lot. We've been paying off bills on the house in Texas, started paying new bills here in Oklahoma and it's taken a toll on our finances. As of the first of August we should have everything in Texas paid and that will free up money for building.

Last weekend we purchased a one-piece tub/shower surround from Lowes that turned out to be cheap plastic that cracked in the warehouse when something heavier was placed on top, but we didn't catch it until we brought the shower home and were unloading it. We took it back and now we're saving the money to get a similar product from Home Depot that is made of fiberglass and $60 cheaper. 

Through the flush fund we've received $271 towards the bathroom so far. We feel so incredibly blessed and lucky. Next weekend we'll go purchase the toilet and shower. This weekend it's been 105+ and we've both been so hot and miserable that we've decided to relax a bit and spend time putting up insulation and organizing stuff in bins since we don't have shelving or cabinets installed yet.

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