Thursday, March 10, 2011

The ugly panels are back!

So it's been a while since I made an update. There hasn't been anything dramatic to show over the past month, so I thought I'd wait until I had something significant to post. There was also all the cold weather in February that made it hard to get any work done but now that things are starting to warm up we're seeing progress.

Davis Buildings in Stigler finally had some insulated panels in stock that we've been waiting on so I picked them up Friday and we got most of the roof done last weekend. Quinton & Diane's son, Bubba (Quinton Jr.), was a tremendous help getting the panels laid. I'm extremely grateful for him. This coming weekend we'll finish the roof panels and get started with another type of insulated panel we're getting for the walls (Polyisocyanurate Insulated Sheathing).  
The weekend of February 26 & 27, Tony worked alone on the house and put plastic up over the windows like in the photo above and started on the plumbing and electrical inside. The way Tony is doing the plumbing is by installing pvc conduit pipe, which is also used for safely running electrical wires through a house, then he will then run PEX pipe (in the photos below, blue is for the cold water line and red for the hot water line) through the conduit so if there is ever a water line break we can just pull the bad line from a central location instead of having a water leak somewhere in the wall. The PEX is also more flexible and easier to run than copper pipes, is cheaper, and has been shown to be less susceptible to corrosion than copper so long as it's not exposed to sunlight which can quickly make the PEX brittle.
All the electrical he's done so far is putting electrical boxes in place. 
I wasn't feeling well this weekend between nerve pain and a horrible migraine so Tony was sweet and let me kind of do my own thing, and I worked on knitting some seed stitch cloths that I can clean with, which I actually used to do dishes and scrub down a porcelain bathroom sink Tony's mom gave us from a rent house she owns and recently did renovations on. The sink had some paint and rust on it, which the paint came right off, but I still need to do some work on the rust which thankfully isn't bad.
I also spread some grow anywhere grass seed around the pond, where we plan on planting some trees (like a redbud) later in the spring. 
This Friday we're going to pick up the insulated sheathing like I mentioned above and I'm also going to get my front door, I'm so excited!!! The door in the link is the wrong size but it's essentially what we're getting, one w/a window since that wall won't have a window and the window has the mini-blind built in so there is no cleaning involved. Yay!

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OMG Diana you have a house! And it looks like a house!!!