Saturday, May 22, 2010

Abandoned Kittens

Last night when we got home from doing some errands in Denton, we heard meowing. Someone dumped three 4-5 week old kittens in the fields around our home. Two of the three had red, swollen eyes so I didn't want to bring them in around our cats. Plus one of our cats is very nervous by nature and anytime we've tried bringing in other cats in the past she hasn't handled it well and would lick off all her fur or scratch it off.

I placed an add on Craigslist but since it said "free" kittens someone flagged it. I'm already angry enough that someone dumped the poor things, but then to have some douche bag think they're saving the kittens from my giving them to a science lab just was too much. I called around to some vets, shelters and rescue groups, but they are all full with waiting lists.

I took them to a local vet this morning and they have a contagious eye infection, so for the time being they are outdoor kittens while we give them their treatment. I have a potential home lined up for one of them, we'll see what happens with the others. Outdoor cats don't live long around here, so I'm nervous about that, but it would be great if they turn out to be mousers.

Speaking of mousers, when I was weed eating the yard yesterday I came across a snake that I'm hoping is a rat snake, but I could only see it's back, not the head or tail, so it could be a bull snake or diamondback rattler. Only the rattler is poisonous. He's made a home in a hole in the back yard, and I've noticed the past few weeks I haven't noticed any signs of mice, so for the time being I'm pretty accepting of having him hang around the house.

Here's one of the kittens. My husband named them Zero, One and Two for the number of infected eyes each one has. Zero is in the photo.

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