Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chicken Tortas

There is a restaurant in Keller, Texas called Caballeros that Tony and I used to eat at with his mom and step-dad from time to time, and one day I stopped in for lunch with my mom. I ordered the Chicken Torta and it instantly became one of my favorite sandwiches. The only "torta" I was familiar with before this sandwich was essentially an enchilada casserole which the author of the recipe thought they would get fancy and give it a different name. So when I found out that a torta in Mexico is a sandwich I was a little surprised. Here is my version of the Chicken Torta I had at Caballeros.

Chicken breast (butterfly cut, this turns 3 or 4 breasts into 6 or 8)
Bolillo buns (or French rolls)
Refried Beans
Provolone cheese
Olive Oil

Seasoning for chicken:
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder

First I prepare the guacamole in advance if I haven't purchased premade guac.

Then I season each butterflied breast, heat a grilling pan or skillet with olive oil and cook the chicken breast over medium heat until cooked through.

While the chicken is cooking I heat the refried beans (or in my case canned pinto beans that I mash with a potato masher b/c it's cheaper per can by as much as 50%, just put beans and juice into pan to cook. And a tip for cooking refried beans is to oil the pan first so they don't stick).

I also cut the bolillo buns in half, lightly spread with butter and toast under the broiler. This only takes a couple of minutes. Keep an eye on them or they will burn.

When the chicken is done, I spread refried beans on the bottom half of the bun and guacamole on the top bun, then layer with the provolone and chicken and serve!

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