Saturday, November 21, 2009

Frugal Tips of the Day

I just finished putting away groceries from my bi-monthly shopping trip and there were some real bargains on things I regularly use that I just could not pass up. I now have an excess of celery and heavy cream that I will use at later dates and wanted to share how I preserve them.

*Wrap celery in foil and it can keep as long as two weeks before use. I suspect they may last even a bit longer if you keep your fridge cold and they are wrapped in foil. I also chop and freeze to use in soups and stews. Celery can also be dehydrated. Here's a link for drying in the oven (Blanching is important to kill harmful bacteria or enzymes):

*Heavy whipping cream can be stored in the freezer, just make sure there is enough room in the container to allow for expansion. The cream can not be whipped after freezing, but it can be used in general cooking.

*Another tip I thought of this week is if you are ever in need of refried beans and do not have time to cook beans from scratch or you are looking to save a little money use canned pinto or black beans. Empty entire contents of can into sauce pan, heat thoroughly, then mash with fork or potato masher. If beans get a little dry add a couple tablespoons of water in increments and stir until beans are creamy.

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