Friday, January 21, 2011

The Roof!

I finally have photos of what Tony accomplished over New Years while I was in Texas. He and Quinton got the roof framed, I'm so excited that our place is really looking like a house now! That is Q's son, Bubba (also named Quinton), in the photo.

Maybe once we have our carpentry skills down we can do an open beam ceiling in our bigger house. I love the angles.

This past weekend while I was in Oklahoma, Quinton and Bubba helped us put the first layer on the roof. Originally we wanted to do jut a layer of insulated panels under the metal sheeting we use as the exterior layer, but the place we buy the panels was out of stock on the size we want, so we decided to do a layer of OSB instead (until the panels come in) and it will give us one more layer of insulation and help protect against potential drafts with the insulated panels. 

End of the Saturday.

Sunday Quinton and Bubba put up the OSB on the other half of the roof while Tony framed in the utility/storage room. 

Quinton and Bubba also covered the roof in tar paper to protect the seams between the OSB from leaks. When I go up the weekend of January 28 we'll put OSB up for the walls. 

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