Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sub-Floor: Insulated Panels

This weekend I drove up to Oklahoma very early Friday so I could go pick up some scrap insulated panels that we got for cheap ($1 each) to use as the first layer of the sub-floor. The panels are ugly but will still be every bit as effective as nice, new panels. Technically they are called Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and locally they are referred to as Davis Panels seeing as they come from Davis Buildings. We were able to insulate the entire sub-floor for less than $130 and had panels left over that we can use for dog houses.

These panels are a mixture of embossed and smooth fiberglass sheets with foam insulation sandwiched between.

The panels were different lengths and widths, so we pieced them together like a tetris.

We've been using screws in all of the building instead of nails and in this case used washers so we didn't punch down through the fiberglass.

In places where the panels didn't hit a support beam we laid a piece across that we could screw them down into.

There were some areas with gaps where the panels weren't cut straight originally, so we used Great Stuff to fill in those areas. We'll cut the excess off next time before we lay the plywood.

The completed layer of insulated panel sub-floor.

A picture for Erin. I thought this one looked like a face with eyes, nose and a mouth.

Back home in Texas, I'm having a problem with Sisko getting out of the fence (I suspect he's jumping it), so I took him with me this trip and he was very well behaved. I think I'll start taking him with me each weekend. Tony was happy to see his puppy.

Sisko tested the panels for us and had a gift for finding the ones not screwed down. Sunday he was afraid of jumping up on the panels for fear of falling through the floor again. So we coaxed him up when all the panels were screwed on and left. He was so upset.

Here's what our little campsite looks like. I'm really enjoying camping each week and we're getting a lot more work done since we can wake up and get right to work. We have a queen size air mattress that fits perfectly in the back of the Suburban.

The inverter we use to run the power tools and coffee maker.

Coffee maker that we also use for instant oatmeal in the mornings.

A friend loaned us her cook stove that ran out of fuel after one can of soup, so Tony used his blow torch to cook his two cans.

And finally, the fog that lingered over the area all weekend. It was cool and drizzled so the soup for lunch was perfect.


Moohn said...

amazing. as always it's so much fun to see how your progress is coming. so glad you're sharing. :D

Mrs. S said...

I admire (and am also a little bit scared of) your ambition. O.O

And also, eff yes, cats (and dogs), not brats =D

Kerri said...

Thank you for popping over to my blog. I am glad that Sarah shared it with you. I hope you enjoy. let me know if you try any of the recipes :)