Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oklahoma Photos

The area we're building at in Oklahoma is part of the Ouachita (Wash-i-tah) Mountains. I'm fascinated by geography, geology, and history, so I've been reading all kinds of information about the area. The Ouachita Mountains (as well as the Ozarks) are an ancient mountain range that used to be as tall or taller than the Rockies, but since they are primarily sandstone, they have eroded over time and are now technically hills.

Here is a view when approaching the cluster of mountains we are building on.

Our land is in a cluster of mountains known as the Sans Bois Mountains. The view from our place overlooks the Kiamichi Mountains to the south.

Here is a view on one of the rock shelves on our property, looking up from the pad.

A small cave on the property. It's no higher than a couple of feet tall.

Another rock shelf.

 View from the pad overlooking the pond we dug for the dogs.

Our little camp site while building.

Looking up to the top of the hill from the pad. It can be walked up and down, but a 4x4 is needed to drive up and down.

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