Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mrs. Reynold's Shawl

I finally finished!!! The only difference is I didn't add fringe, I'm so short I think if I did it would drag the ground. If you're interested in where I found the pattern or to make your own, check out this link for Maggie the Spy, I have to add that it drapes beautifully.

For anyone who doesn't know the significance of this shawl, it is a replica of the shawl worn in the Firefly Episode "Our Mrs. Reynolds" worn by Saffron and played by Christina Hendricks.


Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous! Love to see the pattern being put to good use! I think I like yours better than mine ;)

Jessica said...

That's beautiful! (And I agree with your comment on the pattern site that the designer (or model) looks like someone from a Botticelli painting! :)